Recently, we had the honor of checking out the new sweetgreen location at Astor Place in NYC. We got to see the space before the general public, with the support of the fabulous team at Bluestone Lane and Alex Kate Knight. Between the delicious samples and juices, the friendly staff, and an amazing lesson on mindful eating from Alex, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We fell in love with the mission behind sweetgreen and cannot wait to see them thrive in their new location at Astor Place.
The best way to get blood flowing in the body is through seasonal eating. At sweetgreen, there are constantly seasonal items on their menu for that reason. They provide their customers with food that can nourish their bodies in the best way possible and help them succeed in life.

Ambassador Alex Kate Knight gave an incredible talk on seasonal eating and “the dirty dozen”. One statement that really struck us was that when we put “negative” or “positive” things in our bodies, they attract “negative” or “positive” things. In addition, Alex spoke about organic products, and how each year there is a list of fruits and vegetables put out that contain a certain number of pesticides (ex. non organic strawberries and cucumbers). Alex specifically said if the fruit or veggie has a thin layer of skin, you should buy it organic (ex. peaches and celery). However, items like bananas and grapefruits do not necessarily have to be brought organic, since they have a thick layer of skin.

So next time you are at the farmers market or at sweetgreen, be on the look out for their seasonal items and think about why they are there. Now onto the foooooood…

We were welcomed with beautiful juices, designed by Alex Kate Knight and cold brew, courtesy of Bluestone Lane. They were an absolutely perfect refresher to help beat the NYC heat.

Acid forms in your stomach when you exercise. Super foods (lemon, grapefruit, garlic, kale, greens etc.) are great for reducing the acid. And one awesome fact is that some of these super foods happen to be in the juices at Bluestone Lane. Pictured above is the Windsor and Portsea. The Windsor was made up of watermelon, cucumber, and mint. The Portsea had kale, spinach, lemon, mint, ginger root, cucumber, and apple. We highly recommend these two for a post workout cleanse or to pair with a snack.

We had the opportunity to sample sweetgreen’s menu. We had an Earth Bowl and the Harvest Bowl and boy were they tasty. One thing that is unique to sweetgreen and we appreciated was how the employees ask if you would like light, medium, or heavy dressing with your bowl. 

Besides the bowls offered at sweetgreen, there are some yummy drinks as well. We had the Watermelon Cilantro Fresca and the Lemon Fresca. They were awesome and the perfect amount of sweetness! We also love how sweetgreen is so environmentally friendly; there are compost bins at all of their locations!

We would like to thank the sweetgreen and Bluestone Lane teams, as well Alex Kate Knight for hosting such a great event. We learned so much about healthy living and the story of sweetgreen. We encourage you all to visit their new location at 10 Astor Place in the city! It is amazing! #sweetlife

Huge thank you to 3girls1plate for coming out to our event, and writing this amazing review!

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