A Day On My Plate

I’m always being asked what a Day On My Plate looks like, which is why have shared with you exactly what this is! I’m going to try to have these posts bi-weekly, as I mix up my food plans each day.

1. Homemade Smoothie for Breakfast
f/ Spinach, Raw Vegan Protein, Blueberries, Acai Berry and Flaxseed Seeds


2. Fresh Pumpkin Salad for Lunch
f/ Red Onion, Spinach, Garden Herbs, Lemon, Smoked Salmon, Parsley, Tomatoe, Cucumber, Feta Cheese


3. Juice Press Gravity w/ Lunch


4. Fresh Salmon and Side Vegetables for Dinner
f/ Salmon, Beetroot, Roasted Carrot, Mushrooms & Capsicum




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