Allergies Not Fair

My husband is the allergen victim in our house hold, luckily I got off Scott free, thanks mum!
That being said over the years we have worked on things that have lessen his response to the allergies that exist in the city

– the morning run is switched to twilight as between 5-9am the pollen number is at its highest

– spring clean weekly big house cleaning and Minimal use of rugs around the house.

– eat natural, no diary is in our home. He does consume cows milk in his coffee but being a cortado lover, that doesn’t spoil the efforts we take at home. Dairy supports the development of mucus development, no dairy less allergies.

– ear canaling every 3 months, it’s a detoxing therapeutic service that my mum has been doing on me for years. It supports clearing of the euathsion tube and equilibrium of the individual

– saline rinse with a netty pot when the symptoms are bad. His conducts this with hesitation but it always renews the nose and sinuses pathways


Living with allergies its merely one of those things that is simply not fair. But talking around with that mindset isn’t going to get you any further away from having them. I can encourage trying some of these techniques as even reducing your responses to the allergies is going to help your overall wellbeing.

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