Art with a Twist

Planning an event is no mean feat, doesn’t matter how big or small it may be. My latest mission was my wedding. I have to say when it came to the creative tasks, I met them with great delight. One of these was invite development. Scrolling through pinterest, tumblr, instagram I found a specific rustic style I loved. Yet after a while they were all looking the same. Thinking, thinking ….. How to add a twist to this!

After the wedding, sure you’ll put a few pictures in a frame of the magical day – but ultimately you don’t want your house riddled with you in your white dress, and your hubby uncomfortably handsome (well I didn’t anyway). In saying this, I wanted as many memories of the day around me as I could have. Solving this dilemma, I sorted a local artist who developed a custom watercolor painting based on the colors of our past. With direction, and a few trials, we resulted in a art piece we absolutely adored. Now we have the original artwork framed on our coffee table and it is an ornament that we look to with great emotional joy.

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