B3ALLIN at Barre 3

“Celebrate what you want to see more of “

– Tom Peters

It’s fair to say a lifestyle commitment can be daunting to stick to if you’re doing it alone. We may all have that one follower on Instagram that likes our stuff but where are they IRL. This is where Barre 3 has made it easy for us.

They have taken the worry and planning away for us by curating an approachable, and supercharged plan to kick off the new year in a friendly communal environment.

Barre 3 ; B3ALLIN is a 4 week program that is laden with expert advice for the mind and body to not only get toned, but yet educated on how wellbeing is vital to our day to day happiness and prosperity.

Changing your thinking from an individual goal to a common goal keeps you connected. It keeps you motivated in a community to achieve.


January is always month where you reflect on the good times over the holidays. It also is a time where you think of the aspirations you may have not accomplished, and the visions you want for yourself in in the new year.

After a very busy end of the year, and an enjoyable holiday skiing blow out!!! ….I mean to many hot chocolates and lack of morning gym routines, I’m in need of a structure that will drive results (as well as support my lifestyle).

I’m usually vibin’ in the West village (NYC) Barre 3 studio at least 5 times a week. From cooking up gems in my day to day to learning through the B3ALLIN whole food philosophy program (curated by the Be Well Health Coaches and Dr. Frank Lipman) I can’t wait for you guys to experience it like I did. I wont be doing this alone, hell no.

I have a squad of 5 fellow girlfriends who are joining me, so come February, we will feel grounded and radiant. I’m hoping to meet new awesome squad members to join this journey, so if you want structure, support and a tight ass to start the year of the rooster ( yep that’s 2017), sign up with me here.

Oh and did I mention if you’re traveling in January (which I know is the case for me) , no sweat B3ALLIN has the online program which I will be tapping into to ensure I don’t miss a beat.

Promoting a change in the mind and body, can be this easy and fun

See you soon on January 9th!



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