Balanced approach

I talk of a plant based living regularly, however this is where I stand up and say, you simply can’t switch to a full plant based diet and think you are going to be healthy as can be. If only it was as simple as turning on a light switch.

I encourage reducing animal proteins but doing it wisely, as merely turning to refined sugars and processed foods as the replacement is not going to benefit you.

Your going to have better results being a omnivore who eats a rainbow of fruits and vegetables than a person who takes out animal proteins but places in sugar!

There are many people who eat a small amount of fish or dairy while consuming a heap of vegetables and fruit, and thats fine, its a balanced way to be. Getting an equal balance of the good things with the not so great things is an approach that is healthy and sustainable. Living in this manner for now will result in health and beauty rewards, infact you might see your vitality jump so much that you will continue to reduce the animal product consumption to next to nothing.

Health is completely individual, its yours own it. Make the choices that are right for you, right now.

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