Beauty on the road with Onda

Flying, pulling carry-ons, jet lag, aiport food . . . all are enemies to fresh glowing skin.

Traveling doesn’t mean buying airport-regulated size products. Upon returning to Australia recently, I used products picked for me from ONDA.

My goals were to find products that hydrate, were easy to apply, and long lasting in their affects.


HANNES DOTTIR HYDRATING MIST : This simple to use product just requires a little shake, and offers a lot of moisture, resulting in nothing but hydrating goodness. A mist on a 14-hr flight is like finding a pearl in the deep sea; it’s a treasure. This hydrating mix is true, honest and effective. It achieves balance, and adds clarity back into the skin’s composition without redness.


LEAHLANI BALM: The name of the product doesn’t do it justice. It’s literally golden liquid ‘willy wonka’s factory magic’ for my pores. I applied this game changer twice on the flight, and waited for the wonder to happen. This rich, thick in nourishment balm covered my skin with joy.  The balm was exactly the relaxing sense that I was craving. My crush on this product runs deep, as I continue to use it.


EIR SURF MUD:  Traveling to Australia was paradise on earth, and I was often around very hunky surfers so to fit in of course I went for a surf mud. Not literally but I chose EIR because of its known pride in incorporating Zinc Oxide. This protective layer prevents the strong rays that are custom in the sun on the coast lines. Using it particularly on my face, it never clogged my pores.


GOE OIL: This oil is necessary for any post-beach trip.  I even use it for my post shower treatment too, but now that I think of it, I use it for post-anything. This delicious oil enjoys being smothered all over your body. Give it a few minutes to sink in but it’s worth the wait. It’s like getting a good night’s sleep but you’re still awake. Best rejuvenation ever!


Finally at night, you are already aware of my oil obsession, yet this one might have taken the cake for me VITNERS DAUGHTER.

Its make is inspired by winemaking, which is amazing because who isn’t obsessed with wine. This gift from god contains 22 botanical oils that are all vegan. They combine to comprise a powerful anti-inflammatory recipe to give you the heavenly radiance that your Snapchat filter does.

Follow my journey and don’t forget to pack an Onda travel kit with you (it’s at the top of my list) !

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