Boxing Kangaroo


The punching Australian Kangaroo, how often have I heard that!!

Boxing…….. it looked all so appealing and inspiring on Instagram, so it was time for me to check this discipline out. And lets be frank here who doesn’t have the urge now and then to simply hit something?! Before boxing I use to run in intervals to exhaust me frustration now I simply book a boxing class or head to the gym for the bag, and knock out a few left and right punches. Suddenly Im back on top of my game.

  “Be the best you can be “

Why boxing for me: Last year I had a goal of learning a new skill that I have always been intrigued about yet never really knew how to do it correctly. I want to stress to you that its important to engage professionals when you are learning a new skill, for injury prevention and enjoyment.

That being said I went to Gotham Gym and Work train fight for group classes to see how I even liked the sport. Both were a great introduction to the gritty bones of the sport, but with my thirst for more I went privately with Josh Martinez to really make it happen. It refined and perfected my skills which I might add are now pretty bad arse, simply because of this legend.

Josh, as a combination method that is holistic and comprehensive. As a model and as a woman I wanted my total body to be worked out not just my biceps! He gets this 300%


Do you ever master boxing, Muhammad Ali would suggest not, but for now Im comfortable with my skills so incorporate boxing into my regular fitness program. As the definition and the mental stamina this discipline installed in me was simply one of a kind. If you love a hustle try it out, its not for the faint hearted, but it certainly gives you heart.



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