Café’s are great

For the Community….

Because by centering everything on the experience and less on the product….we incubate closer personal connections with our customers.

Coffee is a language, and to most people, I know a culture too. A café is an easy find and a natural fit in any community. Although, Wi-Fi is a great add-on to a coffee shop it is not necessary for the experience.

Whether you’ve heard the falling in love at a coffee shop by Landon Pigg song or enjoy the satisfaction of a Barista knowing you by name and coffee order: you understand that café culture encourages more than just a connection but community.

As any caffeine addict will tell you, coffee is necessary fuel to navigate the day. In Australia, coffee is linked to lifestyle, wellness, as well as a concrete part of the weekend social scene.

Customer service plays an intergral part in the coffee culture community.

Bluestone Lane is an aspirational brand. It is differentiated by how we specifically focus on offering a broader, immersive coffee shop; and café experience including a world-class coffee and tea product proposition. In addition, we also offer complementary and progressive healthy-orientated food too.

If you love Instagram as much as me, Bluestone Lane has aesthetically designed environments that are primed for where you visit to escape and disconnect (for your feed viewing pleasure and wellbeing). Internet communities count too!

Bluestone Lane fosters these characteristics

  • Customer Service
  • Coffee Education
  • Food and Drink Offerings
  • Atmosphere
  • Community

Café’s offer a new perspective on what it means to live in a community, whether you’re a creative, a banker, a stylist, or whatever your title may be on LinkedIn.

Where do you go to get rejuvenated after a run? Where do you listen to your podcasts? To feel focused? To practice mindfulness?

Dream big or go home: or go to a cafe because it’s kind of like the same thing.

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