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Cellulite is rotten and common, and its summer season so lets share some thoughts on getting rid of this nasty.
Try these for some solutions

Water pushes cellulite to the a later date! Eating watermelon is like giving your colon the highest hydration injection it can get.
Water is golden for de bloating and flushing out salt from our body, which by the way we naturally produce, so its true iodine is not all from the diet, so it’s healthy to flush it out of our system.
Eating fluid dense foods will reduce the cellulite development and hence appearance.
Watermelon is 90% water with little calories so good nuts on it. Adding to this hydration score is vit a & c so your skin will be pump and glowing

Is caffeine in your cream
Stimulant rich cream can tighten skin as it eliminates the water in the connective tissue making cellulite less noticeable.
Exfoliate skin first then lather, with vigor, the greater the application motion the greater the skin will warm and response to the stimulant cream

Ditch the added salt
Diet wise reduce the added salt, for multiple reasons…… you don’t need this.
Water retention in the connective tissues in the skin add to dimple appearance in cellulite skin, so no more hot chips and soy sauce

Of course I hear you say!
Cardio workouts are a cellulite weapon and leg lunges are a cellulite knockout.
Lunge correctly never knee past the toe and engage the gluts on the upward phrase importantly
Do 15 lunges per leg, 3x cycles, 3 times a week

Final prep for the beach
Bronze it babes
Exfoliate thighs and butt and then add your chosen tanning gel or spray.
Apply in circular motions and start light then add to it once to see the full expression of the application

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