DIY Eyebrow

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Genetics have something to do with it, I get it – BUT genetics isn’t everything.

Plucked too much? Or seen a salon which ultimately took your eyebrows from wholesome to skinny? We have all been there – in fact once on set in Greece I had a serious ‘lost in translation’ moment.

While the makeup artist was prepping my skin, she ensured me she was only plucking the hairs that were dragging down my eyelids (shall I add I don’t speak Greek and she didn’t speak English). I had one arched and one half mooned eyebrow! My reaction – lost for words! Say no more……

So my research began to trying to naturally fix my problem – ‘green’ beauty is my go-to and YESSSSS I found a DIY eyebrow serum that really works.

Combine a small amount of Organic Castor Oil, Organic Vit E and Cold Pressed Argan Oil in a small jar at the start of the week. Apply this serum with a Q tip to the areas you no longer see growth. Be patience, but after 6-8 weeks you will notice bushy, thick eyebrow brilliance!

** Apply in the evening before bed and leave this oil on all night as you sleep.

I’m a fan of the brow and lucky for me its very #streetstyle right now. This is a DIY you will hopefully be sharing with friends!

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