My Eating Habits

Plan your eating to get the best out of your self

Before you get down yourself and your eating habits, I will begin by saying everyone’s eating can be adjusted at anytime and it is always depending on the situation you are in, so be aware of your current lifestyle demands and make appropriate small achievable goals . Look at this food outline I have put together.


Warm water lemon, and 1 probiotic tablet

Breakfast needs to hit protein yet still rich in fibre to keep you fuller for longer. Food for thought, toast and almond butter with banana slices, bircher muesli involving oats and berries or one of my all time favorites free range eggs, garlic wilted spinach and avocado

Light snacks – small handful of nuts, organic berries/ apple or avocado and tomato on crackers. This is about a little portion but high in fats, this will fill you up, and prevent instability in the sugar levels

The Half-point

Status veg and proteins is the aim of the game for lunch. This could be fish and complex carbs like rice, or fibrous leafy greens and free range chicken strips.

Be conscious of salad dressings, I opt for filling my salad up with a greater mixture of flavours rather than adding fancy dressings. Often they are merely filled of junk.

Keep it simple add flax seed oil, Olive oil or lemon/lime juice. If weight loss is on your mind consider this meal to be your biggest of the day.

If you consume you biggest carb rich meal before 3pm you will be ending to bed with it almost completely digested hence allowing the body to focus on its evening detoxing process.

This is the urine test time…. Strange but true. If its strong in odor or color, head for warm water or herbal tea this will rehydrate you quickly. If this is not on hand no sweat just get fluids into you.

Sugar is whispering to you isn’t it? Here is a eat option or I found head for licorice tea, it is sweet and purifying this is a GREAT substitute for dessert also. Peckish here are some ideas to turn to. 2 Hard Boiled eggs, Celery sticks, Hummus and carrots, a bliss ball ( ONE ONLY).

Please think about your muesli bar, this is often the time we reach for them, however more often than not they are candy bars. Eat just the raw food – such as nuts and sultanas whole.

For me I’m often on the run throughout this time so Im regularly finding myself mixing up a clean protein shake, which is vegan pumpkin seed based, and chocolate of course!!

This is where crowding out happens. Piled up the greens and choose a protein portion that is as big as your palm only. Little complex carbohydrates can be enjoyed it yet I would try to switch this to lunch time. In a dream world I would love 3 pieces of roasted sweet potatoes every night.
Timing of dinner needs to be considered to when you are heading to bed, aim for 3-4hours before bed is your last meal, this ensures the initial digestive process is done and dusted before we lye horizontal for 8 hours or more.

Dessert is a one off thing, maybe twice a week, and ideas for this will be adding to proceeding posts, stay tuned.

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