Flynn and King

If you eat green wouldn’t it make senses to keep your skin routine as green as can be! Hell yes!! Im a skin junkie, so this is why I was kindly invited to attended the Indie Beauty Expo, and this is where I discovered a rainbow of great new lines that are sailing the flag for green beauty.
One of this was Brooklyn based Flynn and King, not only are the bottles smart in my bathroom cabinet, they are packed with natural nourishing oils for my often dehydrated travelled skin. A trick I do to plump the skin before makeup on set, is to use a couple of drops of Restorative Oil about 2 hours before I hit the hair and makeup chair on set. It gives a glow, trust me!
Top picks of the line
Restorative Elixir and the Facial Buff ( I think I love the name was much as the produce itself)


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