How to do a full body playground workout

playground workout

Your neighborhood playground may be reserved for children but to anyone that fitness obsessed it is perfect urban gym perfect. A playground can be used for either a15 minute workout or an hour long depending on the amount sets you want to do.

Monkey bars are versatile. Besides swinging through each loop as we did in primary school, try doing sets of pull-ups throw each interval.

Doing pull-ups are one of the greatest tests of upper-body strength and an absolute core exercise that strengthens as well as adds balance

Everyone has a different grip preference when climbing the monkey bars, and even translates over to when you do pull-ups too. The grips range from underhand, neutral grip, and mid-back. Each grip targets a specific area like biceps to shoulders. Whichever you choose you will be working nonetheless!

Tire Swings

Planks are a great a muscle exercise that puts emphasis on your back, and will improve the way you do your pull ups (because it adds bicep strength). Because tire-swings inevitably swing, you’ll need to first steady yourself in a push-up position to start. Make sure your feet are on the swing and that your hands are shoulder-width apart on the ground.

Drop to your elbows and keep your butt level with the rest of your body. Hold for 30 seconds each. If you want to challenge yourself try doing plank-pile pushups. Lift your hips up towards the trees, moving your feet closer to create an inverted V, and push up.


Ah yes, the bench is a place known for where adults sit while waiting for their children to get their energy out that wasn’t burnt out during recess time at school. Start a couple of feet away from a park bench, and squat down. Jump up with explosively, using your arms for momentum. Try to not land on your hells. Land as softly as possible.

When you’re all done take a lap around the playground and pour water over your head while coming down the slide!



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