Gym Hit


Make it work wherever you are! Today I was wanting to get the heart rate up and blast out some high intensity, as prior this week I had felt like a slower more lengthening workout. After an espresso, and tuning into my newest Soundcloud obsession – don’t worry that will be shared. I hit the gym!

Be Inspired by Change

Correlate this program with your needs and fitness level. Im building my fitness endurance so my treadmill levels reflect that. If you are firing, challenge yourself and adjust. If you run at a lesser pace – great. Always mould for you.

Those born with a bikini body ; good luck to you.

10 min warm up on treadmill


  • jump lunges
  • jump squats
  • 10 lb arm rows
  • plank spider 25 each side
  • leg raises 45 degrees
  • bicycle crunches

10 mins at level 8

35/35/35/35/35/35 – same exercises as above

10 mins at level 8.5

15/15/15/15/15/15 – same exercises as above

10 mins at level 9

10 mins of stretch



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