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This week my health tip revolves around the ever so great – Grapeseed Oil. Grapeseed Oil is by far the cheapest and most effective body moisturizer I own. In its molecular form, it has one of the highest abilities to fully absorb into our skin. The oil embodies qualities such as treating acne, tightening skin, relieving dark circles from eyes and even fighting those early signs of aging.

Because I believe in beauty you can eat, let me just walk through grapeseed oil from step 1. So how does it come about? Post wine making process for grapes, the actual seed is kept and squeezed (cold pressing).

Due to the level of antioxidants and Omega 6 properties like coconut oil, it has major moisture sealing qualities. So while you add the oil to your salad – add it to your locks! Yes thats right cold pressed Grapeseed oil will encourage your hair to be plump and get you back your mid-school youthful long locks!

Before you go dumping the bottle on your scalp, be conscious to only add a quarter size quantity of oil to your ends, not near your scalp. This will avoid like you have run out of shampoo! Before the ladies with the thinner hair despair – be confident! Because of the smaller molecular properties, the absorption rate of the oil into the hair cuticles is rapid, so your hair won’t look greasy and limp if you don’t add too much.

Don’t stop with just hair use, Grapeseed oil is like a all rounder. My 3 top beauty users are

  1. Skin moisturiser that likes to erase spider veins. The veins drink up the oil, preventing the swelling and breaking of the veins – AKA genius!
  2. Dark circles under the eyes, so thank you Mum and Dad I got that gene? I have tried sleeping face up/ face down, cucumber on the eyes, and no I don’t have time for cold spoons on my eyes. But this oil is a warrior for this too. Like the spider veins, placing grapeseed oil under the eyes, on this delicate skin helps for the plumpness to stay in the skin and circulate the stagnant fluid under the eye. Try it; but be patience like all things the natural way, tell me your thoughts after 2 weeks, not before!
  3. Who straightens their hair? Its the faster way to look like you have been at the salon before a date, lets be honest. So before you heat up your locks use the same technique spoken about above to the ends of your hair. It locks in the moisture, keeping the hair subtle and not looking like hay.

Overall, when one thing can have a multi-purpose I’m totally going to love it. Go to the supermarket to get your new beauty winner item.

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