If you’re after a healthy and happy lifestyle that allows you to be the best version of yourself, you should know about Alexandra Stone. Biomedical Science graduate and certified holistic health guru, the Aussie model and athlete brings a worldly view to her nutrition and fitness pursuits. With her pilates teacher certification, love for fashion, social media savvy, and frequent travel to beautifully sunny destinations, Alex is quite literally living the dream. At least, our dream.

We caught up with her on how she balances it all, tips for spring travel, and her approach to sunshine skin care. Read on for instant inspiration.

Seems like you’ve been busy, what are the most valuable tools you learned as a bio-med science student and nutritionist graduate to living a well balanced lifestyle? Busy and balance should go hand in hand, however, that is always something I’m working at. My degrees led me into world of understanding the gifts of living naturally, that is the medicinal benefits to listening to your body and nourishing it with whole foods and holistically taking take of one’s self

Screen-Shot-2017-03-27-at-3.57.37-PMKeep up with Alex’s fitness routines

Do you ever go a few days without exercising? How do you stay motivated and how do you always seem to find the time? Absolutely I do, I believe exercise is a push and pull relationship, effort and rest should go hand in hand. I often take rest days when I have a lot of travel, as I value the importance of sleep to support a busy traveling schedule. I stay motivated as I bottle up the feeling once I have completed a workout. This feeling is addictive and rewarding. Hence, exercise to gain these happy endorphins !

It seems like it could be challenging to maintain the healthy, balanced lifestyle you promote when you have so much work to do. How do you make moments for yourself and what do you do on a daily basis to invest in your longterm health and happiness? It all comes down to what you value and what is your importance. Nothing worth having comes easily, we all know that. I value living healthily both in and out of the studio. So I wake 45 minutes to an hour earlier than maybe most people would, I pay extra for good produce and might work ’til longer in the evening as I started later after my morning workout. Being organized and planning ahead really is key, as this is what supports a lifestyle in which I feel stronger and happier. As at the end of the day, the enrichment of work is very important, however, without your own health and happiness you won’t be good to work. Investing in self is a very important foundation to flourish.

160321-TATA-31-Edit_editRC“If you’re morning skin routine takes more than 10 minutes, rethink it.

What’s your take on spring break? What’s the balance look like when you want to let go without sacrificing health? Im about all in moderation. Spring break is to enjoy friends and easy going times. What people forget is that this is wellbeing, too! Friendships and relaxation are critical for a whole person. So I say have fun and let your hair down, but with measure. Meaning if you’re drinking, great, do it in moderation, as ultimately you are there to enjoy your friends. Choose foods that are lighter, as regular drinking is already hard on digestion. Keep up fitness but maybe walk with friends or ride to explore. And finally, put the phones or work aside and simply be in the moment, as this is letting your hair down in the best way.

Spring break style: anything you have your eye on at the moment? I can’t wait to buy some pieces from Rails LA this spring. Simple basics that are floaty and easy wearing

What are your top five travel must-haves for skin care? A mist spray is essential and should be in your handbag at all times. Rich hand cream as your hands get so chapped on the flights. A hydration serum on the skin as a first layer. Hydration, I always board long flights with two, 2L water bottles (yes, a lot!) one has lemon squeezed into it, the other plain.

Facial mask in my bag for my arrival to the hotel, as I always replenish the hydration and goodness post flight.


Always wear a hat. 

What’s your personal sun care philosophy? What type of sun protection do you use, how often do you apply to face/body? Other tips for staying safe while enjoying the sun? Growing up in Australia, I have had sun protection drummed into me. I wear facial sunscreen every day, a lighter zinc oxide 15+ in winter, and a minimum of 30+ in summer. Additionally, I wear a hat always, even in summer (even in the city), as skin texture, clarity, and health is so sun-dependent. Less sun on the face, the better. I never sun bake my face, in fact I put a light sun tanner on my face to get that glow in summer.

When at the beach, I’m 30+ minimum and I use all natural sunscreens always, applying every 2-3hrs. The natural creams are often a little whiter when you spread them, however, I don’t mind as protection comes first. Finally I’m a big fan of linen white shirts in summer because I adore being in the sun, but I also don’t need my skin to share that. So I cover lightly to protect the skin, while still enjoying the summer heat.

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