Healthy Traveling with Adriana Kupresak

I use travel as a way to broaden my mindset, practice gratitude, and experience new cultures and people.

Through this privilege, I enjoy sharing my stories from a personal perspective on this blog and  in particular my YouTube Channel 

I suppose this would answer the question of where I am always going.
Does travel mean you are positively transformed and feel better afterward?
I believe that travelling to foreign places is the best form of education and personal development. Personally, I enjoy travelling solo as opposed with a friend as I’m a little more distracted and less prone to step outside my comfort zone by interacting with the world around me. Each time I visit a new city or country, I feel as though I’ve unravelled another layer of myself and this definitely leaves me with a feeling of inner peace.
What are key components of healthy traveling?
Healthy travelling to me means staying hydrated most importantly, especially if I’m travelling to warmer places. Considering I grew up in Sydney, Australia, applying sunscreen everyday is also essential. I also like to bring my work-out clothes if I’m travelling for prolonged periods of time. Like many travellers, I am more likely to walk around a new city than use public transport, in fact I’m really disorientated when it comes to using buses and trains in a city I’ve never been to. I prefer to walk and there is nothing that irritates me more than someone who walks slow, hence why I like to travel on my own and at my own pace. When it comes to meals, I mostly avoid fast foods, I prefer something fresh and where possible, plant-based. Over the past year, I have reduced my intake of dairy products and meat significantly and believe this year I will end on a vegetarian note.
What does healthy travel mean for you?
Healthy travel to me is living in the moment and observing the world around you with an open heart. It also involves switching off from my mobile and really immersing myself where I am. Depending on how long I am staying somewhere, I may even look into attending a local yoga studio for a 90 minute ashtanga class.
How have your experiences led you to a unique perspective on traveling?
When I was younger, I thought the world and the people around me were very different. While in some respects we are, throughout my travels I have noticed that we are all increasingly the same. We all share the same scars, wounds and worries and similar cries for help.
I’ve asked people with everything and those with nothing,  their greatest desire in life is and ‘happiness’ is always the answer. The problem with happiness is, is that it has nothing to do with the world around us but how we observe it from within.

– Mastery by Robert Greene
– Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
– Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
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