Here//Now with AlexKateKnight

Alexandra Knight-Stone is the modern definition of a multihyphenate.

As a former model, this New Yorker now instructs Pilates, co-owns everyone’s favorite Bluestone Lane cafes all over New York, is developing her own health and wellness Kingdom, and also has her first baby on the way. Try saying that in one breath! Did we also mention she has a degree in Biomedical Science? Alex is the perfect balance of beauty and brains, but her genuine radiance, inside and out, is what’s truly contagious and what we believe is the key to how she can do it all.




My passion:

To be around positive people, and support their growth into a happy and healthy life

My favorite city:

My town, Melbourne, Australia because it’s got the best of all worlds. Amazing food, a great outdoor environment and close to the beach!!! I’m a beach bum at heart.

I was put on this earth to:

Help people

I can’t live without:

My husband and being active


I style Here / Now sneakers with:

EVERYTHING literally. Off to Pilates with my favorite tights, or on the weekends I love taking them back to ripped relaxed jeans.


I am inspired by:

Women who juggle a lot, balance it all and are still radiant with simply being engaged in life


My muse:

I have many across different facets of life. My mother for her drive and persistence with career while having 4 children. Christy Turlington for her passion for giving back and Usain Bolt for his commitment to his sport and activity — his documentary was so powerful.

And finally, a few words for all girls out there, working to make their dream come true and create change in this world:

Draw up a mind map of your direction of what you want to achieve, highlight the short term, 6 month and long term goals, and then just imagine yourself in that dream image. I believe in positive visualizations to create realities.

Alex Knight photographed by Jeff Thibodeau in New York

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