Healthy Tips for Dining Out


You’re out to dinner with friends at your local and favourite Thai Restaurant… On the table lay an array of deep fried spring rolls, Pad Thai, and Jungle Curry. How can you possibly order your own ‘clean’ meal without being a complete drainer? I have a few hints and tricks that will be able to keep you on your healthy eating path and not rock to boat when it comes to ordering.

  1. Never head to a dinner on an empty stomach –
    Have a snack 40 minutes prior to avoid any bread overload and eating shared meals you wouldn’t usually order yourself.
  2. Mention before the occasion there are certain things you don’t eat
    1. ie: dairy and heavy wheat products – this should not affect their ordering, merely to ensure additional dishes will be accounted for so everyone is fed.
  3. Share appetisers and order your own mains – 
    It keeps things cheaper, and you don’t feel as bloated come the end.
  4. Keep it simple! DIY –
    If there is nothing on the menu like this, it is within your rights to ask the waiter if the kitchen can put together a simple vegetable side dish or salad.

    1. i.e. dressings on the side, protein and vegetables.
    2. i.e. protein best grilled, baked, or steamed, this is the cleanest preparation.
    3. i.e. vegetables steamed, or blanched with no sauce.
  5. You don’t have to have dessert every time!
    Since living in a big city where dining out is a regular, the frequently of dessert was becoming too much. I grew up with dessert being for special occasions, so unless you’re dining at a favourite place, or celebrating – say no to those extra calories.

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