Interval Training

So live a day in NYC, and you will realize the “buzz” is always something or someone to look at, look out for or look to. Basically… to zone out and actually feel your body or clear your mind is a difficult task.

So consider this – it’s a sunny Manhattan day, the west side highway is teaming with shirtless men, puppies on long leashes, and some seriously fast mom’s with strollers. Suddenly my run is has turned into ten-pin bowling, (oh I forgot to mention I can’t run in a straight line!) . Running outside downtown is like playing chicken in a vehicle. Sometimes I need this energy and buzz but often I only want to run with myself. Hence the treadmill which is often nicknamed the dreadmill is actually my best friend.

Before you stop reading, hear me out. While running on a ‘tready’ there are two variables – me and the machine. Imagine a moment in your day when you only have to worry about two things? Shocking!

Forget the boredom, I have some ripper treadmill sweats to share with you right now.


Warm up, let the legs turn over, shake the shoulders a bit, take in some long breaths and get use to changing your motion from today to right now – you are running.

I will share the levels in order of beginner, intermediate, advance.

  • Warm up 5 mins Level 5,6,or 7
  • Two mins take it to Level 6.5, 7.5, 8.5
  • Hold this incline to Level 2 for 1 min
  • Keep incline take to Level 7.5,8.5,9.5 for 1 min
  • Take it back to Level 6,7,8 for 3 mins
  • REPEAT 3 times
  • Take to Level 7, 8, 9 for 1 min
  • Take to Level 8,9,10 for 45 secs
  • Back to Level 6,7,8, for 3 mins


  • Warm up 5 mins Level 5, 6, 7,
  • 1 FULL Level up for 2 mins
  • 1 FULL Level up for 2 mins
  • 1 FULL Level up for 2 mins
  • 1 Full Level for 1 min
  • 0.2 Level up for 30 secs
  • 1 Full Level down 1 min
  • 1 Full Level down for 2 mins
  • 1 Full Level down for 2 mins
  • 1 Full Level down for 2 mins


  • Warm up 3 mins at Level 5, 6, 7
  • Incline to 3 / 2 levels up for 45secs
  • Hold incline  2 levels up for 45 secs
  • Hold incline / back to Level 5,6,7, run it out for 3 mins
  • Hold level run for 2 mins
  • Level 6,7,8 for 1 min
  • Level 8,9,10 for 45 secs
  • REPEAT 5 mins

Important to cool down always 3 mins on a jog speed, and jump off and do hip and leg stretches, will encourage beautiful elongation if you promote this post workout.

Get messy and sweaty!



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