Intervals, Keep You Moving Forward

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come “

– Michael Jordan

Working on HIIT cardio intervals three times each week for a total of two weeks can increase your VO2 Max by 21%. This is kinda major because it seriously has fast results. Math equations can be hard but fitness ones are simple.

Life in the city can be hectic but the gym is my oasis in this concrete jungle. When I get into my zone, I first, do two interval run plans. Lucky for you guys, I’m willing to share my secret that you can easily save on your phone.  Because if you’re not taking gym selfies, you’re definitely looking at playlists.. So lets make it a proactive phone grab with this awesome tips.

In an Australian study by Women’s Health , women who cranked out high-intensity interval training three days a week for 20 minutes (for 15 weeks) shed more fat than those who exercised for 40 minutes at a lower intensity over the same period.

(Cough**** so it is possible)

Just make one commitment to yourself. Challenge yourself by 1 each week you do it. Therefore start at a higher base interval, and roll from there.


2 mins incline walk – level 6 , lncline 7

remove incline

1 min level 7

1 min level 8

30 secs level 9.5

2 mins level 7

repeat the below 3 times



walking level 5.5 increasing incline starting at 2 and increase one level every 2 minutes till you reach level 6

Come down walk no incline for 1 minute

Run 5 mins at level 7

Run 1 min level 8.5

Run 5 mins at level 7.5

Run 1 min level 10

Walk 2 mins at level 6


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