Jewels That Give Back

Style is an expression of how you are feeling at this current moment, and for me right now, what I’m feeling are delicate jewels. While living in Paris I would go hunting in antique boutiques for hours to find the most beautiful fine jewels, giving me precious memories attached to the love of this style.

AUrate is a NY based label which has taken inspiration from its European roots. This innovative label not only creates beautiful timeless pieces, they do so at an affordable price. Crafted with pride, and precision the beautiful ladies behind AUrate don’t rest at just pretty jewelry, instead they give back. With every purchase a book is donated to unprivileged child from an economically poor community.

With your purchase you can literally glow from the inside out, I mend AUrate tremendously for blending fashion and humanity.

Follow the link to shop for more; AUrate New York

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