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The season of fresh is best has finally arrived.

The weeks are for replenishing and the weekends are for sunshine fun. That being said during the week I’m on my juicing duties. Starting the day with a colorful mason jar of nutrition is what I’m vibing on. I get that juicing can be messy and kinda time zapping, but I might have a solution for you. Buying juices commercially is fine if you are on the run yet ultimately you never quite know exactly how long ago the juice were made, and remember the ingredients are natural so they change in taste profile and nourishment as they mature. That being said juicing at home will ensure goodness and deliciousness hit your lips.

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Have you heard of the Novis Vita juicer?
It’s super sleek, super small and unmmm in my new best friend circle.

Simply cut, whizz and sip.
Mess is little, taste is big and nutrition is rich

The only thing missing is a travel version, my hotel life needs you in it Novis Vita 


Here are some recipes that are floating my boat in these early summer days


  1.  Kale, Spinach, Lemon, Apple, ginger, mint, Cucumber
  2. Beet, carrot, apple, celery,
  3.  Pineapple, lime, Grapefruit, gingeroot
  4.  Watermelon, Mint, Cucumber
  5.  Romaine , kale, apple, fennel, celery, yellow pepper, spinach, ginger, lemon
  6. Pear, ginger, romaine, celery, cucumber, kale
  7. Carrot, orange, mandarin, ginger, turmeric
  8.  Beet, carrot, cucumber, ginger



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