Land & Run

photo 3You’re feeling half your self – your eyes are bloodshot and lips look like you’ve been in a desert the past month… but you’ve landed at your destination!

Airports were a place that when I was a child I always wanted to visit. Through those sliding doors I envisioned palms trees, ancient buildings and postcard views for days. Little did I know that all airports really have to offer are the Hudson News, dirty water fountains and begging taxi’s drivers.

Regardless, airports are now a regular hangout due to my modelling career. Because of this, I have a set routine when it comes to landing at a new destination…

Once I land, if I have to head to work right away I’ll make sure I  consume at least 1-1.5L of water upon landing.

If landing is after 8.30pm, I get myself to the hotel and stretch before bed. Doing twisting yoga/stretches are ideal to soften the static body position you have been in during the journey.

If neither of these are your current situation – put on some tunes, slip on your sneakers and walk around the neighborhood. This might be the hardest thing to do, but I promise getting your bearings will be worth it. The next day when you want to do some exercise you will feel free to run, without concerns of getting lost!

Doing this also acclimatizes your body by 10 fold. Take in long deep breathes on the walk, return to you hotel to dine and then roll into bed for a blissful night’s sleep. The next day you will feel like you’ve never even boarded a flight!

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