International shipping has been available for a while now, but for those who haven’t heard – Frank Body Scrub is the latest and greatest thing.

Besides their incredible PR team who have developed and promoted this desirable brand image – Frank really just is, well amazing. Frank was originally just a coffee body scrub, infused with cold pressed almond oil, vitamin E, sea salt and brown sugar. I can honestly say I’ve never felt nicer skin after using it. Now, they have expanded into body balms, lotions, cleansers and more.

Made with love in Australia, you really can’t go past the cheeky personalisation of this brand. After purchasing, I actually felt so happy to receive an email along the lines of, “Babe, I hope you liked me, want to try again?”… Yes, yes I do Frank!

This amazing scrub works wonders on any cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions – leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Jump onto the site, and you’ll be hooked right away. The only thing you’ll regret is not finding out about this sooner.

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