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Who has ever had a mantra they want to stick to, and do for a few days, maybe even a week? Yet after a few travel trips and late nights, you forget the direction you were heading? Don’t sigh right now, you are only human? But I’m going to lead you to a brand that is going to assist in keeping you focused and grounded in where you want to be and go.

Live The Process, is a curated platform of expertise in the beauty, wellness, meditation and holistic realm who walk the talk – AMEN.

Jump on the site and feel the balance roll over you, trust me when I say you will only need a few minutes before you will be grabbing for your sneakers and bra. To Live The Process you can be the process with their fashion fit collection. It is a luxury line complementing the hybrid between the modern day and the truth of the classic athletic apparel.

I love their energy and mantra, I live by it, and hence I live the process.

Process – a series of actions which product a change or development 

It was an honor to have the fit family behind Live The Process ask me for a feature. Click the link and see the process that will lead you into a new level of inspiration. The one you need for the end of the summer!

Live The Process 

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