I love True Botanicals .. and here’s why


“I love this serum from True
Botanicals because it is
designed to fight off bacteria,
exfoliate naturally.”


By now, we all know the basic rules that we all follow: don’t go to sleep with your makeup on (mascara included). Put on a base nail polish then a color. Use SPF before going into the sun. The oil is (of course) oil-based, while the serum is water-based.


You can literally feel the difference.


Traditional moisturizers of the cream variety are made up of things like wax and other fillers, which do, in fact, sit on the surface of your skin.


With a high-quality oil, it mimics the oils that your skin naturally creates, making it much easier for your body to recognize and absorb into your pores. So, while it might feel counterintuitive, using an oil as a moisturizer will actually make your face less oily in the long run because (as you said) it delivers moisture and nutrients into your skin and strengthens and supports your skin’s natural barrier function, thus allowing your skin to fall into equilibrium.


If your skin is properly moisturized, it won’t feel a need to overproduce extra oil (of the variety that clogs pores and causes breakouts).


True Botanicals says that between the over the promise of results, ingredients that were causing more harm than good, and the transactional relationship that seemed to end when our products hit the bag, we were done.

I agree, and I’ve become their number one fan.

True Botanicals, is a skincare brand that is Made Safe, free of toxins, and made with bio-active formulas that address and deliver a deep level of hydration that is most indulgent for our skin.


My favorites are:


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