Meditation apps I use

Keeping a balance head and body is the only way I see my weeks of success, excitement and reward.

Meditation and hitting that quiet place isn’t easily done when we all live in ‘cray’ busy cities. Plus,  not to mention we are tapping on the door of silly season (but who doesn’t love the holidays).

Meditation to me is somewhat quite new. Last year, I took a little big city oasis to simply connect and try to relax my forever thinking thoughts.
Did you think I was any different to you…. absolutely not, my barrel of monkeys inside my head chat to me often. 
I believe things come into your life for a reason, and along people had been telling me about meditation for years prior to my commencement, it was Nov 2015 in which global energy step in and said…. you are doing this.
Again like you, my first response was I can’t sit still. I mean I can’t get through a movie without having to move about. It took Laura Poole from the amazing initiative One Giant Mind, that I initially started with changing my mindset to being more flexible and open.
When you start something, its better to give it your 100 percent or else don’t do it. I started gradual, from eight minutes morning and night, moving eventually to 10 minutes then 20 minutes.
 When I have more time for example around the  holidays or even the weekends I sit for longer than 10 minutes.


Because I seriously love my time with myself. As from the moment I russel on my pillow in the morning to the time I snuggle under the covers at night, my head is ON.
I give this 10 min twice a day a priority because I knew that my whirlwind thoughts were getting control of me, and I sincerely love my aura post my time with myself.
Adding support mechanisms into my life put me to stick to this commitment I have with myself. So sharing with you these apps I encourage you to explore just 10 minutess a day, five minutes morning and night to exercise your mind, as trust me I know you exercise your bod.
– 1giantmind
– Mind minster
– Smiling mind
– Simply being
– Insight timer
If you have more to add to my list, please don’t leave me out, Direct message me at @alexkateknight , comment below or email me at

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