Meditation for the Whole self

In a city known for always being busy, I’ve spent lots of time into finding the places that can give me a break! Meditation is a practice that gives me grounded and reconnected to myself, as my personality type is to go through life at a million miles an hour!  These places definitely make the process easier. (Which is what we all need!)


Find your “mini” escapes from your busy life through these classes on relaxation:




For the modern, meditator. Imagine architecturally interesting rooms filled with colorful LED lighting and soft mats. Inscape meditation center provides this unique space for an audio-guided meditation. There are 7 different classes focused purely on relaxation and meditation.  Although the voice is pre-recorded, the experience changes daily!   In addition, they provide a curated selection of health foods, drinks, and books for purchase. If you don’t want to go to their location in Flatiron, Inscape also has their own subscription-based meditation app.




45 W. 21st Street, #1
New York, NY 10010


Single sessions start at 18$ / 168$ a month unlimited/ 50$ first two weeks unlimited




A beautiful, minimalist escape from the city that offers expert teachers and complementary tea!  M N D F L spaces are designed to include skylights and beautiful live plants. Each instructor has different traditions and teaching styles.  There are 12 different classes offered, including a class just for sleeping! The M N F F L founders also dedicate a great deal of their time to community service and health/mindfulness education through their MNDFL Ed. program.


Locations :

Williamsburg, Greenwich Village, Upper East Side


First class 10$ / 75$ for the first month of unlimited classes  




Ziva is a phenomenal course created by meditation expert, Emily Fletcher. This flexible option is for the more self-guided, busy person. There is a short class  that can be taken either in-person or online. After finishing the course, you will have learned techniques for meditation that you can use for a lifetime. Emily gives simple, but highly effective instruction that helps to minimize the amount of overall stress in your life.


Locations :


594 Broadway, Suite 202
New York, NY 10012


Los Angeles

1508 Carmona Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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