Meet Pilates equipment: Pilates reformer, Pilates chair, and magic circle

Equipment can come in big or small packages but they are all useful

Here’s a breakdown on the Pilates equipment used often in the studio:

There is no shortage of people signing up to take Pilates classes. If the positive energy in a pilates studio is any indication, then you understand that Pilates is truly a way of life.

From the start of session to the end, you increase your heart rate and flex your muscles welcoming the challenge of a reformer, magic circle, or Pilate’s chair. As intense as the equipment sounds, the more you use it, the more it becomes natural like ordering a salad at a new place during the lunch rush.

Pilate’s reformer


The most famous piece of Pilates equipment is the Pilates reformer. The reformer looks like a bed with a flat platform on it called the carriage, which rolls both forward and backwards on wheels in the frame.

The carriage is also attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs, that give each user a choice of differing levels of resistance. At the spring end of the reformer there is an adjustable bar called a footbar, which isn’t limiting to use for feet only.

Exercises on the reformer provide the most challenge because it is specifically working out your core, which is harder to control.

Pilates Chair

pilates chair

The chair resembles a stool with one side that you can press down against. On the chair in typical Pilates fashion offers a resistance of a set of springs.

The chair is basically a cousin of the reformer because it is smaller and much more versatile. Whether sitting, standing, or laying on the chair you are improving your balance, and posture while increasing strength and flexibility.

Magic Circle

magic circke

The Pilates magic circle is a ring made of flexible metal or rubber. Every workout needs a part where you take it slow before getting intense again. The magic circle is literally the magic cushion in a workout for Pilates. It provides slight to moderate resistance in an exercise.

Think of using the magic circle as a reflection. It lets your body know what muscles are being used and which ones need a break. The magic circles are also  perfect for travel, for on the go people (#AKKLifestyle).

Use the hashtag, #AKKlifestyle and show us how you use your pilates equipment!

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