Mix Up The Workout

To much of one thing is never a good thing.

Consistently to hit your wellness goal is a key part to achieving, however this doesn’t mean you are a slave to repetition and boredom.

Partly due to my travel and my personality and merely not being able to stick to the same old same old, I always mix up the nature of my sweat sessions.

Hitting the gym for me is always divided into 3. The part I love, the part that challenges and the part that reconnects.

What does this mean?

It means I start slower with movements that are passive, it get the blood flowing and the muscles lengthening. Next comes the puff! the part with high intensity and full adrenaline flowing. This is either circuit orientated, dance cardio, running or skipping. To finish is the long stretching movements that are slow and rhythmic, a foam roller is great for this. As it ensures the muscles stay open and long instead of tensing up resulting in shorting.

This morning 

Pilates bed for foot work

Abs series 

Plank, with arm alternatives 

All fours with leg work ( ankle weights attached ) 

Skipping for 5 mins 

  1. jump squats 20 
  2. reverse lunges 15 each leg
  3. Mountain climbers 30 
  4. Bear crawl 15 forward 15 back 
  5. Star jumps 30
  6. Burpees 15
  7. High knees 1 min

Repeat 3 times 

Yoga flow self guided . Focusing on Cat & cow, Lizard lunge,  Melting Heart, Downward dog, Cobra 

Foam roll for 10 mins – connecting back to the mindfulness of my completion! 



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