More super ?

How many superfoods exists? Enough to keep us super daily! The word superfoods is used widely and frequently, so my word of advice would be to think of the plant kingdom as all superfoods. Eating real and fresh will give you the glow that far out weighs the tan found from baking on the beach.
We are continually learning the extent of the benefits specific foods serve us with, so here are some new ones for your fit archive!

Hemp hearts
The exterior from the hemp seed. They are loaded with omega 3&6. Place these newbies in your smoothies for an additional 10 grams of protein per 3 tablespoon.

I have been deliciously enjoying these in one of my favourite cafes in NY, Salud. Originally from Central American, this fruit from a cactus is extraterrestrial looking, with a pink shell and Polka dot interior.
Rich in vit b2 and magnesium
Eat it fresh or blend it

This is the king of the green family when it comes to calicum. As these leaves from the broccoli plant serves us 30% of our calcium needs per day with simply 2 leaves
Add to lunch and dinner salads or stir fries

This has been a staple in my pantry for years because of its high level of iodine and iron. Depriving from red algae the ocean vegetable is overloaded with nourishment, importantly iron as mentioned but also vit b6 and potassium. I choose to use the flakes to sprinkle on salads or the longer pasta looking pieces for in casseroles and soups. This is my replacement for salt.

Mentally take note of these super foods and try sprinkling them through your meal choices

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