Immune Boosting Tonic


When the fire starts to burn, its leaves the bugs at bay! What you find in my fridge over winter? As I’m an O blood type I have to commit generally I have a strong and furious immune system, and keeping up my physical exercise actually helps to strengthen that, however winter such as this long east coast one definitely challenges our bodies perimeters. That being said, I create a tonic on the stove which I ensure I consume daily, and more frequently if I’m feeling low. On the cook top, I fill a saucepan up full with spring water, add a full lemon sliced, a thumb length of ginger sliced, half a teaspoon of turmeric, and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Boil this for at least 20 mins, the longer the better as the more concentrated it becomes. After 20-25mins turn it off, put a few drops of oil or oregano, and if you are serving it immediately, half a teaspoon of manuka honey ( I do this when my throat is feeling scratchy). If you are sorting it in the fridge, don’t put the honey in.

This is an immune tonic which will boost and support you in the elements, its promotes metabolic activity from within hence enhancing the heat from inside you. This is only going to make your defence against the winter gremlins even more hardcore. Give it a shot.

* Will Last Maximum Two Days in Fridge



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