My workout plan (remix)

Pilates is challenging and it becomes harder the more you practice

When I practice Pilates it is done so in the method to shape and strengthen. Whether it’s your abdominals, upper & lower back, hips, outer & inner thighs, hamstrings, triceps, and pectorals, ……Pilates heavily relies on form, efficiency, and most importantly quality over quantity.

Through the selfMade instruction, each client receives an individualized package tailored to specifically support and improve on areas through a unique system of movement. selfMADE goes beyond the mold of Pilates.

Through sculpting conditioning exercises, and understanding the functionality of your muscles, clients will learn how pilates support ideal alignment, reduce stress and improve overall health and vitality.

As you progress through the selfMade videos, you will learn that through living a more balanced life, you’ll quickly  recognize your movement. Very much a part of our daily routines, movement can be initiated in any direction with equal ease.

“Effortless” is the usual description that correlates to how I go through a bag of popcorn. It also relates to how easy you learn how to move with pilates exercise.  Endurance building is just the beginning.

Couples Pilates from Alex Kate Knight on Vimeo.

Pilates builds on toning muscles, improving posture, challenging your flexibility and streamlining your shape. Pilates is a webbed network that integrates the muscles back into the core structure. The strong use of accessory muscles and connective tissues is the kickback of what drew me into Pilates.

I hope everyone feels the same way about pilates as I do. If you have any questions, feel free to email or DM me on Instagram.


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