Natural Deodorant vs ‘Deodorant’ (better or worse)

“Success is a great deodorant” – Elizabeth Taylor

Natural deodorant is a great idea in theory, and as seen on Kourtney & Kim: Take Miami it can be approached with fair warning. Kourt was definitely onto  something on taking the au naturel route despite Scott’s protest.  These are the real questions when using natural deodorant.

Deodorant is a tradition, our morning routine, a date night reminder, and needed after finishing from the gym.

They also usually contain aluminum as its active ingredient.

The aluminum in antiperspirant creates a temporary stop plug (keyword: stop) in your armpit sweat glands. This results in you from getting drenched in sweat. According to the National Cancer Institute, deodorants containing aluminum can cause hormonal effects that can lead to the development of breast cancer.

Just a FYI:

Antiperspirants= stop sweating

Deodorants = Reduces the smell

Comparing natural deodorant with the average roll-on is like measuring pencil eye-liner to liquid eye-liner’s  standards. Each product provides a distinct type of coverage, and depending on your needs, one might suit your lifestyle better than the other.

The New York Times reported in a health article, that sweat glands do have an important role in eliminating undesirable substances from the body, but blocking “a few sweat glands under the armpit does not have a significant impact on the overall excretion of sweat,” said Dr. Hooman Khorasani, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Since aluminum is the first thing to get nixed in a natural formula, some deodorants can leave your armpits a bit damp. But keep in mind, sweat is good for you! It’s your body’s way of keeping cool and ridding your skin of impurities and bacteria.

Stress is my daily emotion of the day so deodorant is automatically one of my best friends.  

Here are my Yes’s and No’s for Natural Deodorant:













No: Schmidt’s

in Lavender + Sage


No: Jungle Man





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