Oil cleaning

IMG_9836When you think of a deep cleaning your skin, do you think of oil? I certainly don’t. How can adding oil to your skin, really draw out the impurities away?

Once reading into it for only a few minutes I began to catch on to the theory. Massages the oils into your pores connects with the oil that has harden because of impurities contact. This way it softens and dislodges this grit, while the steam from the warm water encourages opening on the pores, to take the clean from superficial to deep. This being said adding oil to an oily skin actually works.

Super natural beauty is an english founder skincare line which is exactly as it states SUPER DAMN NATURAL. I haven’t tried it but you could probably eat it!!

Onset you can only imagine the layers of foundation you get covered in. As I often take the heels off and put the trainers on to hit the gym it is only natural I want my skin as clean as possible so the sweat doesn’t clog my pores. I was hesitant at first to try this oil on makeup combo, but I was pleasantly surprise to find that it seriously wipes the grime away. Upon heavy make up days I do cleanse twice, because Im a clean skin freak!

Whats best about doing it twice is the second time it gets the stubborn dirt and leaves your skin moisturized. I don’t even add  moisturizer. Its your skin care one stop store – busy ladies listen up!!

My go to the Genesis Cleanser from Super Natural Beauty

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