One Last Summer Chance

The mornings are getting cooler, and the sun setting earlier. Summer is almost over in the Big Apple, and now’s the chance to do all the summer lovin’ things you still haven’t done!

Weekend Hampton’s Getaway


Pick a day, rent a car and head to The Hamptons for the weekend. Do some Yoga, drink some fresh juice and unwind from the big city. 

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

FOR SPECIAL SECTIONS - SUMMER IN THE CITY - HBO Bryant park summer fillm festival

Bring some pillows, popcorn and drinks to enjoy summer movies in the park. Make the most of it and enjoy it while it lasts!

Kayaking on the Hudson


Get a group of friends, jump out of your comfort zone and rent a kayak for the Hudson River. It will definitely be a talking point for your weekend! 

Rooftop Drinks


I know this may have been a regular all Summer, but it needs to be used to the maximum! Enjoy being in a singlet and shorts on top of a beautiful rooftop bar. 

Central Park Picnic


Stop by Whole Foods for some food, bring a blanket and enjoy the scenery of Central Park. For a moment, you can almost forget you are in the centre of this concrete jungle!

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