Pilates Barre Love

Between shoots and castings, I’m always trying new and different classes around the city. A recent love of mine has been Pilates Barre. I’m far from a ballerina, and as I suggest in my bio I only dance like Beyonce post midnight! But what I love about Barre is the hybrid of dance, pilates, yoga and cardio. It specializes in muscle toning in the legs and core region, which lets be honest is the areas we all want to focus on one way or the other!

Barre is strongly connected to ‘ how to do it’ meaning the form of the exercise is critical. This allows the moves to be small yet really effective. During my training I focus on producing long lean muscles, making all movements reaching, pulling or stretching. If you work out 4-5 times week like me, sometimes doing it yourself can get repetitive and therefore disengaging. Barre however is never the same, always challenging and definitely rewarding! Living in NY we are blessed with many fabulous niche studios – some I have tried that I really enjoy are Physical 57, The Bar Method, Barre 3 and Exhale Core Barre. Can you add to the list?

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with Balance water when you’re through!

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