Protein Breakfast

“I train in the mornings, and I’ll eat two breakfasts. I’ll have waffles with flax seed and almond butter and one egg scrambled” – Justin Timberlake

Instead of running to the deli for your favorite bagel, or ordering Seamless for nearest ‘diner’, go to the kitchen! Trust, me you won’t have to get a second cup of coffee within the next hour if you eat a high protein breakfast. If JT could do it, so could you. 

Whether you’re on a soy-free, gluten-free or on the Paleo, or vegetarian diet, there’s a breakfast out there for you to help you start your day with high energy and extremely satisfied.

Protein is important for your body because it is a building block of cells throughout the body. It is necessary for healthy skin, nails, muscles, cartilage and blood.

When you’re going through your cabinets, don’t forget to  throw a dash of protein powder in your smoothie too!

Don’t forget to add fresh herb to your breakfast for some much needed flavor as a healthy dose of antioxidants.

My favorite is : Curried Eggs Over Toast (via RealSimple)


  1. Hard boil the eggs. Cut them in half lengthwise.
  2. Melt the butter in a frying pan and saute the onion and garlic, until onion is just soft.
  3. Stir in the curry powder briskly, tomato paste, water, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Allow the mixture to cook over a low heat until it is just bubbling.
  4. Add egg halves to onion mixture and stir gently, until reheated through. Add a little more water if sauce gets too thick.
  5. Add lemon zest and parsley. Stir again and serve while hot.




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