Q&A with Caitlin Branca Barre3

Introducing Caitlin Branca – Barre3 extraordinaire and our September Guest Editor for Alex Kate Knight! 

Barre 3 is a fresh fit craze that has swung into the West Village, Manhattan. The founders are based in Portland and it is the chirpy Caitlin who sails the West Village ship. Caitlin and I met at Barre3, but have continued our friendship well into lattes! She is a woman with so many dimensions to her life, it’s hard to believe she even sleeps. Caitlin is a true New Yorker, with her days are busier than Times Square in rush hour – yet throughout it all, she is calm and just so damn friendly!

See this girls charm in her classes at Barre3!

Doc - Aug 13, 2015, 8-07 AM

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