Say No the Flu

Colds are never welcome! Too many of my friends back in Australia are complaining of being affected by a horrible ‘ bug’ at the moment, so I thought this quick trick could work a treat.



Ginger is not only for cooking it can be used to stimulate internal body fluid circulation. In-fact, it is the movement of the blood and lymph passages which work to promote sweating and cellular breakdown of the infectious pathogens. So its as simple as this.

Get a large piece of Ginger, boil it on the stove for 10 mins. Run a bath at the same time, and before climbing into the bath pour the ginger water and ginger cube in the bath.

Allow for a bathroom sauna and steam room to commence. I recommend turning off the bathroom fan if you can, and shut the door to ensure this is a confined area to keep the heat in. This sweating and increased body temp will quickly pass through all the transport systems of the body, enabling the removal of the toxins to be quick and painless!

Relax in the quiet state of restoring your immune system!

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