Sicily: from dreams to reality, I’m going

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in” – Robert Orben


Things to do in Sicily:

Sicily is the largest island in Italy. The notorious island is known for more than just the Godfather, and Tony Soprano mafia history. Like every tourist that goes to Italy in search of wanderlust and perfect sightseeing attractions, Sicily appealed to us because of the amazing views, and cultural heritage that makes it one of the most popular islands in Italy.

 Cala Rossa (Favignana)

cala rossa a beach in sicily

The island of Faviganna, which translates to the butterfly, is a small island off of Sicily. On Favigiganna is a stunning beach called Cala Rossa. Located by the western part of the coast of Faviganna, Cala Rossa offers it’s visitors a darling escape. Famous for its tuna fishing history, Cala Rossa was named after the battle that took place in 210 BC. Although there is a sign that says no entry on the way to reach the beach, continue onto the path to find this spectacular sight.

Mount Etna

Sicily volcano called mount etna

Surprising enough, you can ski down an active volcano in Sicily, and live to tell the story. This volcano is known for being associated with Greek mythology but what those tales don’t say is the unique experience that comes with skiing down an real volcano. For a 25 euro pass, you can ski on the smooth alpine and downhill slopes with a view of the sea. Skiing in short sleeves? Seems about right.

Grotte bue Marino


This wonder covers our hiking portion of the trip because to get to the Grotte bue Marino requires a 40-minute scenic climb. This intriguing grotto is the last island sanctuary to the monk seal. Within the cave are Neolithic petroglyphs and shimmering light rocks, that make you say it’s time to finally live out my dreams of being a mermaid.


Spiaggia di Macari


If you’ve ever wanted a chance to use the panorama feature on your iPhone, this is definitely the time to use it.  The beach is nestled by several coves, cliffs, and a large bay. This narrow beach has beautiful clear blue waters, that show a reflection better than any selfie would do.




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