Sleep Well

Personally, I believe having good routine before bed is one of the most vital factors in maintaining a healthy mind and body. After doing these tricks for so long it’s all second nature to me, making me feel fresh and light every morning and night.

After you have finished dinner, I usually drink a tea. My favourites are peppermint or pukka harmonize as they give me the sweetness I’m wanting after my meal. Not only does it relieve my sweet tooth, but drinking hot water cleanses the digestion, alleviates any pain and improves blood circulation.

The simplest way to not over indulge after dinner is to brush those pearly whites right away. This will discourage you to have an additional snack two hours later, right before you hit the hay!

What do you want to gain from your night sleep? For me its rejuvenation, cellular rebuilding, and removal of waste products. In laymen terms this is glowing skin, perky energy and a light body. This is only possible if we give our body the right environment and time to act this way. Aim for 6-8 hours sleep every night. This way, you’re body clock will be in check and you might even wake naturally before the alarm rings.

Overloading your body with food right before you head to bed is causing our body to digest instead of detoxing. My rule of thumb is to not eat two – three hours before bed. This way, you have worked through your dinner and your body is ready to do what it naturally does so well – rejuvenate.

Warm water before bed is great, while keeping in mind too much water leads to full bladders and interrupted sleep patterns.

TIP : 3/4 of daily fluid consumption should be done before 3pm.

Try to work towards waking up in the morning and actually being hungry.  So when breakfast is served you’re craving it, not simply because it’s routine.

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