Saturday its my solo training morning

The easiest way to train – slide…….. put your socks on if you have to, but get on that timber floor you have in your apartment and make it work for you.

I do this everywhere. In the coming months I will be sharing with you additional exercises to do with this sliding concept, however start with these simple 2 movements.

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. The Pike

For the purpose of the video I sped it up ( hey I know you don’t have all day), however when doing these exercises it is important to recruit accessory muscles ( more on that) , which means do the exercises with control and precision. Do it right , do it slowly ESPECIALLY THE PIKE. Draw the core from your waist band in towards your spine to lift your butt into the air.

Aim for 10 pikes and 30 mountain climbers – 3 times a week.

**** In the clip Im using the Glider’s however you can use a towel, or socks, anything with a non slip will enable this movement to create the muscle burn!!



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