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“SLT is a heart pumping, calorie-burning and total body workout. The innovative Megaformer/Lagree Fitness workout is as challenging as it is effective.” – SLTNYC

SLT  (Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone) – is a niche market that proves tiny moves can really kill. Imagine pilates circuit on a sliding bed, this is essentially the foundation to SLT. The reformer bed, known as the megaformer, is similar to a classical reformer pilates machine but no steroids, bigger, wider, and meaner! The loaded springs give you resistance that your muscles cry from. My ultimate go-to for SLT, is their inner thigh workout. I love the upbeat playlist as well as the sassy move names such as Sexy Back, Scorpion and Scramble Eggs! Once you take the class, you’ll see what I’m talking about! Find me at their SoHo location and let me know how you enjoy it!

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