Spring Menu and Avocado

Avocado smash might actually be the most ” instagrammable” menu item. This simple vibrant breakfast is not just damn delicious it has nutrition bonuses that far out weights the Special K.

Avocado, a naturally occurring saturated fat, that if eaten wisely can actually assist with weight loss. Not to mention thick full hair and glowing skin. As our body actually requires saturated fat to thrive. To burn fat we need to eat fat. In appropriate proportions of course. So how much is to much??

A portion the side of 3/4 of your palm daily is a great complement to your diet, if it is rich in plant based goodies.

The fat Avocados contain is Omega 3 fatty acids which greatly reduces the cholesterol risk in our cardiovascular system. A cup of this fruit has 3 grams of protein, high servings of vit k, vit b5, Mg (Magnesium) , P ( Phosphorus) and Fe ( Iron).  And little to no sugar.

The statement an avocado has more potassium than banana is spot on.

Who would like that your breakie could, reduce inflammation, regulate blood, assist with controlling blood pressure, improve vision and strengthen the immune system.

Avocado keeps you fuller for longer while making sure you can’t overeat it. Hello weight management!!

This winning fruit is a figured strongly throughout our spring menu at Bluestone Lane Cafe. One of my favorites being the Rainbow bowl. The colorful arrangement of plant based goodness is exactly what I love to consume post my morning weekend workout!


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