Staple Supplements

This post reveals my ‘go to’ supplements I enjoy for daily grounding and comfort. It is important to note that this post is purely what works for me, and results may vary for different people.

First thing in the morning, I drink 1 litre of filtered water. I add a squeeze of lemon, turmeric sprinkle, cayenne powder (very small amount), and a ginger slice – if you can boil for a few minutes that would be ideal.

This starts the metabolism while slowly breaking the fast – remember BREAK ; FAST is called that for a reason!

Usually I exercise first thing and if not, I take a shower after the tonic. This gives my body time to take in the goodness of the tonic before I eat.

I live a life of ‘fresh is best’! But especially living in a such a large city sometimes our body needs an extra boost to support and boost our defence system. This is why I like to take supplements. Take in mind due to climate changes, stresses and personal adaptations this is not suitable to all characters.

Morning w/ Breakfast

– 2 Kidney Supplements

– 2 Liver Supplements

– 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed Meal (on cereal or in smoothie)

– 2 Probiotics (not on an empty stomach)


– Multi Vitamin (I prefer First Endurance)

– Fish Oil Tablet (High Quality Marine 2 morning and 2 at night)


– Magnesium Powder (helps muscles to restore and regenerate while calming your neuromuscular system to sleep)

  • With varied physical and psychological changes I add or remove supplements. These we will work through in later posts.


Food For Thought
Reduce coffee to one a day and try to drink at least 1 or 2 green tea. Caffeine is a luxury I indulge in and thoroughly enjoy – there even are health benefits to it in small doses. If I take it when I have a stressful day ahead, it only fires me up. This is why my café experiences on the weekend is something I look to with great joy and anticipation.


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