Sugar isn’t so sweet


Who wants to know something for watch? It’s a doco that will have you fixed for 1 hour and 30 mins. “ that sugar film’. Developed by an Australian producer, I admire his passion, and excitement to make sense of a BIG problem.

There are sweet tooth’s and then there is the rest of us, the people that enjoy sugar. I have never meant someone that will admit they don’t enjoy something sugary now and then.

tumblr_o5npx6xeev1r8u8uko1_500So why is sugar so appealing to the tastebuds and the eyes. Everything sugary comes in pretty colours, cute packaging and fun events, how could you not like the product, it is designed for us to love.


On the health front though I will pop your bubble in one fowl swoop there is nothing to like about unrefined sugar. It makes our tummy expand and your liver cry from overwork. It ages our skin and organs from the inside out, while making us fat, tired and cranky. One sugar hit is a short price to pay for a long-term lingering health problem.


In fact it has the ability to draw out and banish the good nutrients in our selves, which is part of the reason why statistically the youth of today have a shorter life expectancy than ever before.


Make no mistake sugar is a drug, like painkillers or even Heroin, it produces an instant feeling of pleasure, calm and addiction. This ingredient is creeping its way into more and more of the ‘ healthy’ foods we consume on a day to today basic’s .


Breakfast bars are nothing more than sugar bars


At 3.30pm on set you often hear the words, its time for a energy boost where are the cookies? Sugar may produce the kick inthe backside we are looking forward yet it is a quick boot, and hence is a bad type of energy. Think of a sprint race, eating candy or chocolate is like this, the sprint and hit lasts for a few minutes, but the tiredness and crash right afterwards is very pronounced due to the overworked pancreas and the release of insulin.


I like fact to add to your trivia knowledge ; so our ability to recognize the difference between bitter and sweet is ingrained in our DNA, this was historical developed due to our ‘ cave man’ stage when we needed to learn what was poisoned or not. We do not have the ability to produce our own vit c – hence we feel the urge to eat sugary things as vit c is often found in products that are sweeter in nature. When we were cave men this was totally no problem but as sugar is in everything now our levels of consumption far out ways our needs.


Have you ever tried to remove sugar from your eating for a day or even longer? What have you found? Commonly it would be fatigue, headaches, or anger, as this is like an angry kid screaming for more of the pleasurable stuff!! We are globally addicted to sugar. We are addicted to something that doesn’t add any nourishment or need to our life.

Before you stop reading I want to tell you, I eat sugar. Its close to impossible to not do so in this day to day world. However I did it in a measured way, and a structured way. Where it can be avoided , I avoid it. Such as sweetened anything, don’t touch it. Almond milk is a surprisingly big sugar zapper for those health minded individuals! If you can make your almond milk homemade do so, or look on the commercial ingredients, if any form of sugar in in the top 3 ingredients , put it back on the shelf.

Finally my diet is high in fats rather than sugars, meaning avocados, nuts, nut butters, coconut oil.

Fat doesn’t make you FAT ( surprising maybe but true) Sugar on the rather hand does exactly that.

Fat is heavy and fills you up, so you simply cant over eat it. When eating proteins, fat and carb work with the neurotransmitters to tell the brain, hey stop we are satisfied now. Hence why eating a teaspoon of nut butter is extremely fulfilling. By the by eating fat actually can help you melt those kg’s as it kick starts your metabolism to synthesis vitamins that assist with weight lose.

Sugar ( fructose) is like an alien in our system, we don’t really know what to do with it. So we can eat a full package of donuts till we are sick and our body doesn’t really recognize we are full. Could you eat this amount of cheese, no way Jose.

Finally this is the punch line, sugar is converted to energy in our bodies by side stepping the fat creation control via the liver so it is made straight into fatty acids and then body fat.

Don’t keep reading me, go and check out That sugar film is it informative and entertaining, but a word of warning you might think twice about ordering dessert.

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