Sun protection is not something people ignore these days. The summer afternoons of simply toasting yourself on the deck is not as common as it once was, for this I say AMEN.

The danger of skin is still being learnt every day, so as a passionate member of the natural beauty world it is a priority of me to apply daily. Commonly I have been asked by fellow friends, “but should sunscreen go on, or below makeup?” and “what do i do if its shiny and greasy looking?”.

So lets chat THE FACE
Simple let’s break it down

Under make up: chemical sunscreens ( these are ones containing mexoryl or oxybenzone)

On top of make up: blocker sunscreens ( these are ones containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) as the protective layer it forms shields the skin

Finish with powdered sunscreen, mineral in natural is the best move. I have used for years La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation

Always protect the skin on the skin, as overall this skin has the greatest exposure to the elements of our environment.

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